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Name: Adel-Makim-Zalur
Fandom: Animorphs
Canon point/AU: Post ending of Animorphs books/AU.
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Dec. 20th, 2017 02:58 am
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Name: Michelle/Dark
Gender pronouns: They/them/their
Contact: AIM: Darksong17 Plurk: Darksong Email: Darksong17@gmail.com
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District: 4
Score: 7
Arena 07 Credits: 165
  Supplies:  None.
  Weapons:  None.
  Credit purchases: None.
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District: 4
Score: 7
Arena 06 Credits: 140
  Supplies: None.
  Weapons: None.
  Credit purchases: None.

  • While running through the Capitol park grazing, Adel finds a dozing Lottie on one of the park benches. (+5)
  • During lock down at the Capitol, Adel has the very awkward experience of coming upon the tribute who she killed/killed her last arena. (+5, +5)
  • Adel once again finds herself in the awkward predicament of being near her killer at Momoko's victory crowning ball. (+5)
  • Adel tears off as soon as they're allowed off of their platforms, heading straight for Fantasyland. (+5)
  • While in the process of being thoroughly creeped out by the human attractions in Fantasyland, Adel meets Pruna. (+25, +15, +5, +5)
  • After Pruna departs for the Feast, Adel finds herself alone again. That is, until Asha (also heading for the Feast) finds her and, mistaking her for a monster, kills her. (+25, +15, +5)
  • Adel reunites with Pruna and meets Alex while taking another run through the park. (+25, +15, +5)

Arena 07 Credits
: 165
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District: 4
Score: 7
Arena 05 Credits: 100

  • Deciding to run for cover instead of the Cornucopia, Adel forgets that hooves and smooth, slippery surfaces don't mix. Slipping on the ice, she slides right into Lottie, who then convinces her to help move Some off of his pedestal. The three of them proceed to seek cover in a nearby ravine. (+5, +5, +25, +25)
  • Adel and Some go in search of Lottie when she fails to return from egg gathering. (+15, +5)
  • Having woken to find Some gone, a starving and sleep deprived Adel falls into a crevasse housing Atticus Bell. Both assuming the other dangerous, they fight to the death, claiming eachother's lives. (+5, +5, +25)
  • After seeing video of Some attacking a human during the games, Adel remains in her quarters until hunger drives her out. Coming up to the roof to graze, she unexpectedly finds Some there as well. (+15, +5)
  • While running through the Capitol park grazing, Adel finds a dozing Lottie on one of the park benches. (+5)

Arena 06 Credits
: 140


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